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The Sheep Hill Astronomical Association invited the Montville Rotary Club for a night of star gazing. And we did a lot of star gazing. We saw a double star, a double double star, nebulas, galaxies (three of those), and two clusters. If you want to experience this as well, ...
It is always a pleasure to clean the roads of Montville with our Interact students from the Montville High School. Our job is to clean the on and off ramp of 287 - one of the toughest jobs in town....
June Witty and Matthew Kayne visited our weekly Rotary Meeting on Wednesday, October 11th, at 7:30 am at the iHop in Boonton. We got to know them, their background, and their platform. They informed us about four issues that are important to them.
June Witty talked about the Pilgrim Pipeline which could potentially have long-lasting, devastating effects on Montville. She further pointed out that the ongoing Opiate Epidemic has had devastating effects on Montville residents. 
Matthew Kayne talked about the importance of a conservative financial planning. He further pointed out that Montville needs to be able to control new development in order for Montville to continue to be a highly-desirable town in which to live.
Congressman Rodney Freilinghuysen did not only participate in our Father's Day Pancake Breakfast this year. He was so kind to send us a photo he took with our Interact students from the Montville High School, the branch director of Boiling Springs Silvia Cooper (a Rotarian), and Niels Restrepo, a future Rotarian.
Dr. Rene Rovtar visited our Club today to explain more about the Referendum. You can read more here. Dr. Rovtar showed us that our schools are in need of repair: roofs need to be fixed, Air Conditioning installed, bathrooms are need of repair. And the state of New Jersey agreed to pay 40% of these costs. 
A big thank you to all the donors that came to the Senior House on the Friday before Labour Day. We are so grateful to them. We collected 28 pints and therefore were able to benefit 76 local patients with our drive! This was time well spent! and a Big Thank as well to the team of the Red Cross who worked very efficient and always kept a smile - although at times it got pretty busy! 
We welcomed a new member to our club on Wednesday, Joann Lopez, the branch manager of the Boiling Spring Savings Bank at Montville. She will be supported by Leigh DelPorto, Marketing Sales Coordinator for Boiling Spring Savings.
We are looking forward to continue working with BSSB on the Community Alliance Program, a program which gives us the opportunity to earn money based on the number of our supporter who bank with BSSB - if you bank with BSSB and want to support Montville Rotary Club, please see Joann in the Montville branch.
The Montville Rotary Club donated to the Police Explorers all its proceeds of the District 50/50 on Wednesday. Alexander Benno from the Police Explorers visited us at our weekly breakfast meeting. 

The Explorer Program of the Boy Scouts of America provides young people with solid information about the adult world they are about to enter. The Explorer Program gives young adults a chance to find out first hand about a wide variety of careers.



The Montville Rotary Club is organizing another Blood Drive. Come and join us on September 1 between  5pm and 9 pm at the Senior House in Montville. During the summer, blood reserves are low. On holiday weekends it gets even worse. Help us to help those that need blood, whether for surgeries or for ongoing treatment like cancer patients. They rely on our help! And this time, you can get a free T-shirt for your effort. Please help us spread the word! If you are 16 and older, you can donate (please bring parents' consent form if you are 16!). If you have any questions, contact us at
The Montville Rotary Club is proud to be able to provide scholarships to three Montville High School seniors. Evan Chan and Serena Huang, the co-presidents of the Interact Club, as well as Jackie Manetta impressed us with their engagement and dedication in school as well as in their after-school-activities. They were engaged in charitable organizations, did sports, supported others and organized activities that would help others. We wish them all the best for their future.
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